Literature and Culture

Casa Italiana offers also classes to enrich the knowledge of the Italian culture and literature. 

Each semester there is a new, fascinating course! From Italian movie classics to literary classics, to the study of characters that have made Italy what it is today, Casa Italiana's teachers will show you another side of the "Bel Paese".

RAGIONEVOLI DUBBI by Gianrico Carofiglio

During this session we will read a novel by a new author.  Gianrico Carofiglio is an Italian “magistrato” who has recently started writing prize-winning fiction.The book is about a lawyer who is reluctant to defend a client accused of drug possession.  This person was a powerful Fascist and was a nightmare figure in the lawyer’s youth.  After much consideration, he decides to take up the case.  We will follow the lawyer’s investigations and comment on the outcomes. There will be, as usual, grammar and syntax exercises following our readings.​

Tuition: $ 365 (12 weeks)

Sun. 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM;

Instructor: Liliana Lanzano

Starts:  Jan. 10 – April 11


The book is about a recreation of seventeenth century Sicily, where Donna Eleonora Di Mora is named as Viceroy at her husband death. She brings in many reforms but she is ousted by other councilors because it is 1677 and women were not allowed to do anything.

Tuition: $ 365 (12 weeks)


Tues. 6:30 - 9:00 PM;

Instructor: Marisa Darvish

Starts  Jan. 12 – March 30

SCHERZETTO by Domenico Starnone

This book is about art, ambition, aging, marriage that goes beyond the ordinary and predictable.
Only two characters matter, a grandfather and a grandchild. Artist Daniel Mallarico, in his seventies, widowed is asked to travel from Milan to Naples to look after grandson Mario, while the boy’s parents are away at a conference.

Tuition: $ 365 (12 weeks)

Sun. 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM;

Instructor: Marisa Darvish

Starts Jan. 10 – April 11


Selections from movies will provide the mature students with a rich overview of Italian history and society.  Discussions and role play will serve as a pretext for improving conversation skills and fluency, while analyzing the cultural and social aspects of the Italian lifestyle.  Grammar and syntax will be reviewed as necessary during class discussion. 

Movies: Roma città' aperta, La Dolce Vita, Le fate ignoranti; Lazzaro felice, Tre piani; and the TV show "L'amica Geniale"

Tuition: $ 365

Mon. 6:30- 9:00 PM;

Instructor: Ingrid Nifosi 

Starts: Jan. 11 – April 12

The learning material will be provided by the course’s instructor


The Renaissance has profoundly influenced Western culture e Renaissance is indissolubly associated with Italy and Florence which was its cradle. What better way to broaden your knowledge of Italian language and culture than to dialogue through the centuries with some of the most brilliant artists who have contributed to make the Italian 15th and the 16th century, an extraordinary laboratory of ideas and a great forge of beauty? The activities carried out in the classroom and at home will include listening, reading, discussion and grammar exercises and lexicon.

Tuition: $ 365

Sun. 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Instructor: Laura Vinti

Starts Jan. 10 – April 11


This course aims to refine listening skills and fluency and to expand vocabulary for students who possess an advanced level of Italian. Through a selection of movies, documentaries, and independent videos, the course will discuss some historical, cultural, social, and linguistic aspects of Italy and its language. The course will adopt a conversational approach, however, grammar and syntax will be reviewed as necessary.


The learning material will be provided by the course’s instructor

Tuition: $ 365

Tues. 6:30 - 9:00 PM

Instructor: Elisa Sartore 

Starts Jan. 05 – March 24

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