“ENIGMA IN LUOGO DI MARE” By Fruttero-Lucentini - meets once a week- 12 weeks 

The action takes place in the Maremma of Grosseto called "La Gualdana"
The owners of the luxury villas in this village, come for Christmas vacation.
The disappearance of a couple and the discovery of a man's body on the shore, ruin the peace of the vacationers.
Maresciallo Aurelio Butti has to unravel a very complicated case.
Students will read the book and comment about it in class.

Sun. 9:30 AM-Noon; Instructor: Marisa Darvish - Tuition: $ 350 starts Sept. 11 – Dec. 11

“LA FIGLIA OSCURA” by Elena Ferranate - meets once a week- 12 weeks  
Ferrante wrote this novel in 2006 and was followed by three more works. The most 
popular and well-received of these was the four-part “L’amica geniale”. “La figlia 
oscura” is considered an outstanding work and Ferrante herself is judged to be “a great,
formidable writer.”  
  The book is 140 pages long, therefore we will also have the possibility to read some 
current articles in the magazine OGGI and do exercises in syntax and composition.  

Sun. 9:30 AM-Noon; Instructor: Liliana Lanzano - Tuition: $ 350 starts Sept. 11 – Dec.11

“L’ANGELO DEL FANGO” by Leonardo Gori - meets once a week- 12 weeks 
It is a thriller with an intricate and complex plot.
After the big flood in November '66 had put Florence under water, a body of a man was found in the basement of the Biblioteca Nazionale.
He looks like a victim of the catastrophe, but Colonnello Bruno Arcieri will come to the conclusion that it is a criminal case. After many incidents and other crimes he will discover the astonishing reality.
Students will read the book and do research about Florence, its art and the flood damages.

Tues. 6:30 –9:00 PM; Instructor: Marisa Darvish - Tuition: $ 350 starts Sept. 13 – Nov. 29

Each semester is a new, fascinating course! From italian movie classics to literary classics, to the study of characters that have made Italy what it is today, Casa Italiana's teachers will show you another side of the "Bel Paese".



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