Students will be introduced to the art of Italian ceramics. 

The course will present the aesthetic and technical aspects of the ceramic process and a survey of the three most important Italian schools. Studio sessions will cover sculpting, decorating, and glazing skills.  

Students will learn both from premade pieces and will also have the opportunity to make works of their own. Students at advanced levels will learn new decorations.
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Introduction course: $240 (8 weeks, 20 hours) 

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Decoration course: $240 (10 weeks, 20 hours) 
       $180 (6 weeks - additional  classes $35) 

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Dates: Sun 9:30 AM–12:00 PM (2.5 hrs /7wks - Starts June 7)
  Thur 6:30 – 9 PM (2.5 hrs/8wks - Starts June 11)

Tuition includes glazing materials and “firing” fee. 
Students learn hands-on techniques under the expert supervision of Maestro Roberto Paolinelli
Maestro Roberto Paolinelli guides students through the ancient art of italian ceramic-making.
A sample of Maestro Paolinelli's work.
Students exhibit their work.
A plate celebrating Washington, DC
Maestro Paolinelli in front of some of his museum-exhibited pieces.
Watch the gallery of the Ceramics Course images
About the instructorMaestro Roberto Paolinelli. 
A contemporary Italian master, born and raised in Pescara. Maestro Paolinelli employs Renaissance classical design in his work. His pieces are exhibited in galleries across Italy. Maestro Roberto Paolinelli has been active in Washington DC since 1994, AND HE HAS RECENTLY WON THE 2010 VINCENZO PALUMBO ARTISAN AWARD.